10-point plan for freedom and recovery of the Ukraine


Thank you for one year of solidarity to the people of Luxembourg: to Luxembourgers, to non-Luxembourgers, to officials and private people, to associations and ministries. What comes next? What must be done to ensure that Ukraine achieves freedom and finds peace? During my speech at the Solidarity March on Saturday, February 25, 2023, at Place de Clairefontaine, I proclaimed 10 points and I called for everyone to take concrete steps and take responsibility:


1.    The territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine must be restored.

2.    Russia must withdraw.

3.    Putin and all who are involved in war crimes must be taken to justice.

4.    The deported children must be returned to their Homeland Ukraine.

5.    Nato must supply more weapons faster.

6.    All commercial and financial relations with Russia must be blocked and sanctioned.

7.    EU must accept quick adhesion of Ukraine to EU.

8.    EU must help the refugees.

9.    EU must help with reconstruction.

10.  We must act responsibly – We must distinguish between good and evil.

Photo: Yamkova.photo