CHL donates two generators to Ukraine


Recently, the Honorary Consul of Ukraine, Mr. Claude Radoux was able to initiate and coordinate the donation of two generators donated by the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) to the City of Kyiv in Ukraine. 

The transport could be arranges thanks to the contact with the City of Luxembourg, the CHL and the City of Kyiv in Ukraine and was coordinated by the non-governmental organisation Kiwanis Children's Fund in Europe, which also supports the City of Kyiv.

The handover of the donations took place at the CHL in the presence of Lydie Polfer, vice-president of the administrative commission of the CHL and mayor of the City of Luxembourg, Claude Radoux, honorary consul of Ukraine in Luxembourg and alternate member of the administrative commission of the CHL and Dr Romain Nati, director general of the CHL.

The two generators were transported to Ukraine with pallets containing other donations of relief materials, to be operated in Kyiv. The first generator, with a capacity of 250 kVA, came from the former maternity ward of the CHL, while the second, with a capacity of 125 kVA, had previously been used at the KannerKlinik.

photos: ©CHL -Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg